Finding your rhythm

Smoking a pipe is something that can take on a life of its own and has been known to send the smoker into a hypnotic trance… I like to call this the Nirvana smoke. And don’t worry folks I’m still talking about smoking tobacco leaves. Any long time smoker will know what I mean when I describe a “Nirvana” smoke. It is something that does happen, but not with every bowl. The setting has to be perfect and for me very limited of distraction.

Advice I can offer on ensuring a very pleasant smoke, other than the obvious good quality tobacco, is to find a comfortable chair, make sure your pipe is clean and develop your style or rhythm.

My rhythm has developed over time and consists of small puffs that will often sync with my breathing pattern. As I slowly draw a breath I will gently draw in a puff of smoke  and every so often quaff it out of my nose through my sinus’. I find that keeping the pipe in my mouth with a softie bit or by just lightly clenching helps me to maintain my rhythm.

A little practice will go a long way and if you ever find your pipe getting a little too hot , give it a short rest to cool. Once you have mastered or developed your own rhythm you will notice that relighting your pipe is far less frequent.

Originally written for by Corey Kelly in 2013

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