estate-pipeThe estate pipe… Let’s face it… when PAD rears it’s ugly head, there is little us mortal men can do but succumb to the allure of the siren we all know as “the call of the pipe”. Our wives envy them, our children are intrigued by them and our peers don’t know what the heck to think of them. One thing is certain …. I don’t believe we will ever stop searching for the perfect estate pipe for our collection.

I put some thought t into why estate pipes are so appealing to us as pipe collectors, aside from the initial depreciated cost from a new pipe. There is much more than frugality that draws us in.

So Why Buy Estate Pipes…..

“I’d trade all my tomorrows for one single yesterday.”  -Kris Kristofferson- Nostalgia, there is something to human nature that lends our mind to often yearn to be in the past. Is it the memory of our grandfather puffing on his PA or CH in the den while we played with our toy soldiers on the floor? Were things really better back then in “the good ole days” or is it the absolution of responsibility that we link to the pleasant memories of our past. Undoubtedly, there is no better way to reconnect to the past than by savoring our beloved leaf in the same vessel our forefathers used. Nostalgia can be found in the estate pipe.

The opportunity to create something new from something old.  Like the Phoenix, an estate pipe can be brought back from the ashes to live again. There is a great sense of satisfaction in bringing an old object back to life, to breathe a lifesaving breath  back into an inanimate object so a glimmer of its old lifeform is seen once again. This is a very romanticized notion but a very real sentiment none the less.

 Many pipe companies have come and gone over the last few centuries and with them the availability of certain brands or even quality briar. The simple truth is they don’t make turn of the century Comoy or Dunhill pipes anymore folks. Often The only way to find they key peice to a collection is to find it as an estate pipe.

So the next time the PAD bug starts to scratch at you, why not give an estate pipe an honest consideration, im certain you will be glad you did.

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